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Jim Addeo has a bachelors degree in atmospheric science from Cornell University and a masters in mathematics from SUNY Albany.  His last 20 years have been tirelessly dedicated to mastering the art of test preparation, with greatest focus in SAT and ACT, having taught thousands of students in both private tutoring and large classroom settings.  

Aside from the realms of SAT and ACT, Jim Addeo also has a wealth of experience prepping students for the SAT Subject Math exams, the GRE, GMAT and TOEFL exams.  Having a passion for teaching in its endless capacities, Jim has taught or assisted in schools at every grade level from kindergarten through college, here in the United States as well as overseas in Italy, China and Thailand.  

With enormous love and pride for the area, Jim and his wife Elizabeth were both born in Albany, NY and now have three children: Thomas, Ryan and Juliette. During the school year, the family juggles piano lessons, soccer, and ice-cream runs to Stewart's - only with the help of both sets of grandparents.  When the summer comes, it's time to turn attention to Little League and the occasional weekend camping trip in the Adirondacks.  

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