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Hear what previous clients have to say about the programs at Prowess Test Prep!  Feel free to request contact information of previous clients who have offered to be references.

Testimonials: Clients

We are so happy with Jim's service and our son's fantastic journey from the high 1200s to a score of over 1500 on the SAT.
It is amazing how a little bit of hard work and proper guidance can go a long way.  Aurojit benefited greatly from the class and improved exponentially with each passing week of lessons. All the correct ingredients came together as Jim correctly identified his weaknesses, helped him solve problems more efficiently, and provided effective strategy and test taking methods.  - Bidhan

After working with Jim my daughter’s SAT score went from a 1380 to a 1500. Jim is an excellent teacher who is unfailingly patient and positive. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their SAT scores.  - Lynne

Thank you Jim.  Whatever you are doing you are doing it right.  After your first session last night Lily was raving about how worthwhile the session was and how much she thought she would get out of the program.  - Travis

I would recommend Jim Addeo’s test preparation training for any student interested in increasing their SAT or ACT scores. Both my son and daughter were tutored by Jim and their scores increased by 100 points which put them in contention for top colleges. Besides tutoring, Jim also cares about the student and works with them until their final SAT or ACT is complete. I thank Jim for all of his help and support.  - Lisa

Jim Addeo's support of our son through the SAT prep process was invaluable. Not only did Jim help our son reach his hoped-for score, but he also helped him feel confident in the stressful test taking environment. Great process, and great results which have positioned our son well for strong college applications.  - Ellen

If you are looking for a reliable, personable and thoughtful SAT tutor, you will be in great hands with Jim Addeo. With Jim’s guidance, my daughter’s SAT score went from a 1360 to a 1540 with just 5 tutoring sessions. He tailored their sessions to focus on her needs, gave her specific homework assignments, and shared detailed feedback as well as critical test taking strategies.  - Julie

From the initial phone conversation, James Addeo was a true professional.  His knowledge and insight into successful SAT preparation strategies, his ability to teach effectively, and his command of the subject matter make him uniquely qualified to help your student achieve their desired results.  My daughter’s results were remarkable.  - Jocelyn

James Addeo (Jim) is an excellent tutor and wonderful person.  My daughter attended Jim's course for SAT prep.  The class was excellent and helped her stay on track with her preparations for taking the SAT.  We also used Jim for 1-on-1 SAT math tutoring.  Here again, Jim was a true asset and helped my daughter gain valuable points in the math portion of the SAT test. My daughter, who can be shy, truly enjoyed working with him.  He has a way of making students comfortable so that they are able to learn.  Jim is a wealth of information in terms of standardized tests, test prep strategies and test date timing.  With the help of Jim my daughter was able to achieve an excellent English and Math score, both well into the 700s.  - Pamela

Jim truly was a blessing!  He explained some strategies that my son was never taught!  Jim was extremely warm, pleasant and easy to talk to. We look forward to working with him for our daughter in a few years.  - Mike and Ranee

I hired Jim for private SAT tutoring for both my children.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He quickly ascertained the areas which required the most attention and individualized the sessions accordingly.  He offered a flexible schedule which fit in well with their busy schedules.  Both my children raised their scores significantly, one improved by 100 points, the other by 150 points!  My kids are very different, and each found Jim to be personable and easy to work with. If you are looking for a significant improvement in scores, hire Jim!  - Virginia

All of my children received SAT Math tutoring from Jim and each exceeded their score goals.  Jim's ability to efficiently tailor his teaching methods to each of my children and their willingness to follow is guidance lead to fabulous results.  In fact, when my last child was not satisfied with his first SAT Math section score, Jim worked with him to fill identified gaps in his learning and test taking techniques - those efforts resulted in a a perfect 800 on his Math score and 770 on his SAT Subject Test in Mathematics. We were thrilled by Jim's flexibility, teaching prowess and patience. He provides the materials needed as well as specific techniques and practical advice. I have and will continue to recommend him for the ACT, SAT and GRE. Terrific results, very efficient, and well worth the investment. His guidance was well worth the investment.  - Hyacinth

Jim was terrific! He helped our son achieve his goal SAT score on the first try. He was very accommodating and truly cared about helping him succeed. We highly recommend him!  - Terry

My son is not very enthusiastic about school in general and his grades are just fair. So I was a little apprehensive about signing him up for the SAT prep courses at night because he usually can't wait to get out of school at the end of the day. But much to my surprise,  he really enjoyed the classes because of Jim's teaching style and said he was learning a lot. He felt much more confident when he took the SAT and his score exceeded our expectations!  - Debbie

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