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A 99th percentile scorer on both the SAT and ACT exams, Jim Addeo is the sole-owner and teacher of Prowess Test Prep. His approach to test prep is two-pronged.  Firstly, it is crucial to refine the student's test-taking strategy, which involves expert time management, smart decision making, pattern recognition and a deep understanding of how the test is written such that the student can avoid traps and exploit short cuts. Secondly, the student must gain fluency of academic curriculum in the proper order, targeting the most commonly tested concepts first thus clearing the most efficient path to maximizing score.   In these veins, Jim is constantly rewriting and adapting his personal curriculum to stay up-to-date on continually changing exams.

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Balanced Comprehensive Prep

Our six week class contains six instructional meetings, and three practice tests.  Course curriculum is equally weighted across all test sections for a balanced approach to test prep.  Students will learn not only the most crucial academic curriculum, but also the test-taking strategies, shortcuts and methods that aim to maximize score.


Individualized Attention

With private tutoring, it's possible to laser-focus on the precise needs of the individual thus maximizing every minute of prep.  And it's not only about the meetings - your tutor is your on-call coach, available in between meetings and even after the tutoring has elapsed, forever dedicated to your continued success.

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Prep with a friend

Do you have a friend or two who wish to prep together in a private tutoring setting?  With small-group tutoring, you receive much of the individual attention of one-on-one at a significantly discounted rate.


There is an optimal path for every student - a right test to take (SAT or ACT), a right time to strike, and a right way to go about the prep.  As an expert in the field, I can illuminate that path for you with a half-hour discussion.  The consultation is free and there is no obligation to enroll in any service.



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