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Prowess Test Prep is owned and operated by Jim Addeo, a teacher and curriculum builder of over 20 years.  While having experience within the community college setting and in various capacities overseas, Jim’s focus for the last decade has lied solely in test preparation.  His methodology in this realm is two-pronged.  Firstly, great care is taken to refine the student's test-taking strategy, which involves time management, pattern recognition, and mastering multiple pathways to solutions. Secondly, the academic curriculum necessary for the exam is imparted in a thorough and systematic manner, prioritizing the concepts that matter most to the student’s score.  With these two main efforts in mind, Jim is constantly rewriting and adapting his lessons in order to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing landscape of SAT and ACT exams.

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Balanced Comprehensive Prep

Prowess has two levels of classes: a basic six-week Level One course that teaches broad strategy and a more challenging eight-week Level Two course that fine tunes the specifics.  The classes are offered live-online as well as in-person.  Course curriculum is equally weighted across all test areas for a balanced approach to test prep.  Students will learn not only the most crucial academic curriculum but also the test-taking strategies, shortcuts, and methods that aim to maximize score.


Individualized Attention

Private tutoring for the SAT, ACT, or GRE allows teacher and student to laser-focus on the precise needs of the individual.  This option works well for those who only want help in very specific test areas or for those who wish to sharpen the blade further after having taken a group course.

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Prep with a friend

Do you wish to prep with a friend or two in a private tutoring setting? With small-group tutoring, you receive individual attention similar to that in one-on-one sessions at a significantly discounted rate.

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There is an optimal path for every student - a right test to take (SAT or ACT), a right time to strike, and a right way to go about the prep.  Consultation on these matters is completely free.  Simply contact Jim Addeo.

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18 Corporate Woods Blvd Albany NY United States 12211

(518) 727-7105 (Call or text!)

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